Plymouth Argyle fans rushed to buy reservation tickets for the 2020/21 season

In recent days, fans of the Plymouth Argyle team raced to buy them tickets online and over the phone for next season. Football fans are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Plymouth Argyle matches.

Within 90 minutes of opening tickets, Plymouth Argyle has sold more than 1,000 season tickets for the upcoming League One 2020/21 tournament.

This increase in sales was essential for Plymouth Argyle after a long time of inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. English football in general and the Plymouth Argyle team in particular have been shut down for more than four months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans who have purchased Plymouth Argyle season tickets for the 2019/20 tournament can renew for the next term of the tournament. Fans can call to renew or renew online instead of going to the box office directly. The COVID-19 pandemic is still complicated. Therefore, fans still have to abide by the rules on social spacing.

EFL has just announced that the new League One 2020/21 season will begin soon

Soccer matches will be played without a spectator until October 1 of this year. After that, there will be a suitable change in the number of audiences participating depending on the disease situation and the success of the vaccine trials next month.

Argyle Plymouth has been promoted to League One and fans of this team have been eager to reunite with the team since their last match in March.

Plymouth Argyle revealed the record for the first day of season ticket sales

More than 2,000 members of the Green Army bought tickets for the 2020/21 season on the first day on sale.

After the first day of opening tickets for next season, a record of Plymouth Argyle ticket sales was set. This is about the revenue required for the team after the economic crisis because of the COVID-19 pandemic since March.


New contracts for Chelsea when Plymouth Argyle climbs up to the top

U23 Chelsea and Charlie Brown are on loan in Belgium for the 2020/2021 season, while Jack Wakely and Jon Russell have both signed new contracts with Chelsea.

Brown is one of the academy’s top scorers in 2018/2019 with 20 goals in 31 appearances. He has renewed his new contract with Chelsea from October 2018, ensuring that through the summer of 2021.

Meanwhile, Russell and Wakely agreed to extend the year before the new season. The pair helped Chelsea’s youth team to the unbeaten season in the Premier League 2 before being dropped the remaining 4 matches due to the COVID pandemic.

Center-back Wakely played 18 matches alongside Andy Myer, while midfielder Russell had 3 goals in 11 games to help the Blues to the top of the rankings before being canceled. Premier League 2 has not yet announced the results of the 2019/2020 season.

There are also new contracts until 2023 by Levi Colwill and Bryan Fiabema. Colwill enjoyed an impressive season as the best young player of the year. Appears for the first time in the young squad. While Fiabema signed a contract with Tromso IL (a club in Norway) in February.

Brooking and Charlie Wiggett

Next, two young center-backs Josh Brooking and Charlie Wiggett signed the first professional contract with Chelsea until June 2022.

Brooking made 12 U18 appearances for the U18 team last season. Wiggett also made 14 appearances for Ed Brand and debuted in the young UEFA tournament. Ethan Wady has also agreed to extend a 1-year contract with Chelsea.

Two Academy graduates will leave Stamford Bridge this summer after the contract is up. Josh Grant has been practicing at the club since the age of 7 and left Chelsea with many achievements. Most recently helped Plymouth Argyle climb up to the top of the league while on loan at Devon this season.

The Brixton-born defender has spent two seasons playing football in League 2 with Yeovil Town and Plymouth.

After two seasons with the U23, Nartey took the first step in professional football from last summer and spent the season in League One with Burton Albion. A total of 29 appearances, finishing 12th place after the season was delayed due to the COVID pandemic. The ranking has finally been determined by the current scoring.


Looking back at the FA Cup round that lasted up to 66 days (Part 2)

Bad weather has caused the third round of the FA Cup of 1962/1963 to be delayed … 261 times.

3 of 29 matches took place

The weather has worsened since December. Frost fog has forced 18 Football League matches to be canceled, including eight on December 22, 1962. Four days later, most of England was covered in 35.5cm thick snow.

The snow kept falling, the frost never thinned, and the ice in the River Thames was so thick that one could organize a race on it. January 1963 goes down to history as the coldest month of 20th century England.

Because much of England is flooded with snow, fresh food prices are up 30% and in many areas, the main water supply has been frozen. Naturally, English football is not prepared for such a sudden, impactful crisis.

At this time, some teams still don’t have headlights, so the FA called on teams to play in the afternoon to avoid having their power cut. However, only a few yards (Goodison Park among them) have underground heating.

So on January 5, only three matches of the third round of the FA Cup took place: In the Northwest, Preston lost 1-4 at home to Sunderland and Tranmere drew 2-2 with Chelsea. In the southwest, Plymouth football team was beaten 5-1 by West Brom.

Many football matches were postponed

29 other matches were postponed. With only Sunderland and West Brom winning tickets for the fourth round, 62 teams entered what The Times described dryly as “one of the most extraordinary rounds in tournament history …”

Of course, realizing that the icy will not soon melt and know that, if the fans do not come to the field will affect their finances, the team owners are trying to think of a solution as long as is a playable field. They took them to Danish snow moving tractors, fire generators, hot air machines, and also tried de-ice pellets.

In fact, even when the snow is cleared, the ground is usually frozen to almost 1 meter. Wrexham has dirtied their Racecourse Ground with more than 80 tons of sand and the reward for being able to play after 4 days is delayed. The thing is, they lost 0-3 on the beach court before Liverpool of legend Bill Shankly later.


Looking back at the FA Cup round that lasted up to 66 days (Part 1)

Today, the team must replay a match in the FA Cup makes them feel tired, but in the 1962-63 season, a round of the tournament lasts up to 66 days.

The bad weather

It took 66 days to complete the third round of the FA Cup in the 1962-63 season. The chaos, hardship and hope of collapse that affected English football in the coldest winter since 1740 are stamped on the picture of Sheffield United’s third round match schedule against Bolton, scheduled to take place on January 5, 1963.

It came with the words: “After much delay due to unprecedented winter conditions, the last match took place on February 20, 1963, the ball rolled at 7:15 pm. FINAL! On March 6, 1963, the ball rolled at 7:15 pm. ”

The two emotional “FINAL” words were almost the last word for the longest round in FA Cup history. The third round suffered 261 delays (Lincoln City – Coventry was postponed 15 times) when it snowed 15 feet (4.75m) thick, stormy winds, frosty fog, three months of frost and temperatures as low as -20, 6 degrees Celsius, making the match impossible.

As usual, the round started on 5/1 – only 3 matches took place – and closed when Middlesbrough defeated Blackburn 3-1 at Ayresome Park on March 11.

In this round, the FA panicked over the financial consequences of freezing – for example, Blackpool did not play a home game between December 15 and March 2 – to the extent recommended. interest-free loans. However, teams are not the only ones who feel uncomfortable.

Because there are no matches to attract millions of betting players to predict the score, the companies fearing bankruptcy have created a Pool Panel like a football lottery, which means predicting football results in days (but not the score).

Until the FA tries to find a solution to escape the climate chaos, the season must last longer, meaning the FA Cup final will take place 3 weeks later than planned, on May 25 / 1963.


The British government encourages people to cycle and walk

The information comes in the context of Britain considering gradually easing the blockade measures but still maintaining social distance. Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, the British government encourage its people to use cycling as sport and means of transportation.

At a daily news conference about the COVID-19 pandemic, British Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced a £ 2 billion plan to encourage people to ” fog department “commuting by bicycle and walking.

The UK Transport Minister said that with a minimum social distance of 2 meters, the UK public transport system could only meet one tenth of the demand, even when fully operational.

A meaningful action amidst the pandemic

Mr Shapps called on British people in general and the civilians of Plymouth in particular to continue working from home if possible. They urged people to use bicycles or walk in cases where it was mandatory to work.

According to him, this action will help reduce the pressure on the public transport system. Meanwhile, it the use of private cars also helps reduce traffic congestion.

Also at the press conference, Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced a £ 2 billion plan. This was to encourage people to use bicycles and to walk, making it the center of the country’s transportation policy. The goal of the plan is to double the number of people using bicycles and pedestrians between now and 2025.

The first phase of the plan is a £ 250 million investment package to implement a series of emergency measures to ensure safer bicyclists and pedestrians. Measures that will soon be implemented include opening bike lanes, expanding sidewalks, and bus and bicycle lanes.

According to updated information of the British Government, the country currently records over a total of 260,000 cases of COVID-19. This includes over 30,000 deaths. The UK Government is expected to announce the next step to fight against the pandemic. There must be consideration to easing the blockade measures.


Chelsea breaks up 3 players including a Plymouth Argyle striker after June

Chelsea has just decided to break up 3 players after the contract expires at the end of June.

Willian and Pedro agreed to stay at Chelsea until the end of the 2019-20 season instead of the end of June as the contract stated. Pedro has almost completed the transfer agreement to AS Roma within 2 years.

Willian is not sure whether to go or stay

The former Barcelona winger will immediately go to Rome for medical examination after joining the campaign. But Willian’s future is still a big question mark. Despite being offered an extension, the Brazilian midfielder declined due to a disagreement over the number of years in the contract.

Willian is still the goal of Tottenham and Arsenal but the parties have not agreed on the terms, but the three names are different. The three members from Chelsea Academy are Josh Grant, Richard Nartey and Marcel Lavinier.

They were all announced that they would part ways with the club after June 30, none of which made their first-team debut for Chelsea. But all are important parts of the success of the Blues youth teams in recent seasons. Grant (21) has had loanings with Yeovil Town and is currently Plymouth Argyle, Former defender U18 and U20 England can move to the third division (League One) is Bristol Rovers.

Nartey, who also plays in a center-back position like Grant impressed on loan at Burton Albion this season. However, he has yet to find a new club, Lavinier, who has dual British and Portuguese nationality, is only 18 years old. He has only played for Chelsea since his teenage years and has yet to find a new club.

Before Chelsea, MU also announced that he would part with nine young players from Demetri Mitchell, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson, Ethan Hamilton, Dion. McGhee, Largie Ramazani, George Tanner, Aidan Barlow, Kieran O’Hara and Alex Fojticek. In the Premier League, the biggest names who have become free agents since July 1 are Nathaniel Clyne, Jordon Ibe, Ryan Fraser and Joe Hart.


Plymouth Argyle and the tough decisions on the financial crisis

Simon Hallett, the owner of The Pilgrims has to make many tough decisions to help the club survive the financial crisis. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, there is no games being played for the past 4 months. Simon Hallett warns that the loss would be more serious if the siuation does not get better.

According to his estimation, if there is no game played in the next five months, Plymouth Argyle may lose more than £1 million. Therefore, owner of the Pilgrims is trying to inject more money into the club to help it survive the crisis.

Simon Hallett and the chairman of Plymouth Argyle warn that there are tough decisions that have to be made over the next 10 months. The football crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic is still unpredictable.

However, the owner of the club revealed that there will be substantial amount of money for the club in June. This promises to temporarily help the club get through this hard time.

Due to the unpredictable spread of the pandemic, there is no clues on when Plymouth Argyle and the rest of the EFL could restart. Fans will be allowed to attend games at grounds. However, Oliver Dowden, the culture secretary, hoped that fans would be able to return to grounds this September.

To survive the financial crisis, not only Plymouth Argyle but also the EFL clubs need more financial support. This suport may possibly come from the Government or the Premier League. However, Simon Hallett is doubtful if the Premier League clubs would help with some amount of support for EFL clubs.

Is it true that Ryan Lowe leaving Plymouth Argyle to be the new Bolton Wanderers manager?

For SkyBet, Ryan Lowe was considered the suitable one for vacancy at Bolton. The club declined to comment on this. Plymouth Argyle has a traditional policy not to comment anything on the manager or players. However, there are many reasons why there is no prospect of Plymouth Argyle manager Ryan Lowe leaving for Bolton Wanderers. This manager is fully focused on the Plymouth Argyle and the 2020/21 League One campaign.


Danny Mayor will play for Plymouth Argyle for 2020/21 season

After Plymouth Argyle football team were officially promoted to League One, Danny Mayor confirmed he will be playing for this team. The midfielder has agreed to a contract option and will play for the team the next season. This is such good news for the Green Army.

At a socially-distanced Press conference, Ryan Lowe, confirmed the news at Home Park on June 10, 2020.

Mayor joins Will Aimson, Mike Cooper, Joe Edwards, Byron Moore and Dom Telford in being under contract for next term.

For the next season of League One, besides Danny Mayor, there will be Mike Cooper, Joe Edwards, Will Aimson Dom Telford, and Byron Moore playing for Plymouth Argyle.

During Argyle’s promotion-winning campaign, Danny Mayor had 36 starts and 3 appearances as substitute. However, the player scored only one goal. This was lower than many people expected as he was considered a talented player.

However, as a good midfielder, Danny Mayor helped his team-mates score several goals. Although he was often man-marked by opposing sides, he still contribute much for the team’s success.

With Mayor’s appearance on the next League One, Argyle will not be afarid of lacking for creativity. This is such good news for the whole team.

Plymouth Argyle was promoted to League One for the 2020/21 season

After the long wait for official confirmation, Ryan Lowe, Plymouth Argyle manager,  has succeeded in leading the team to be promoted to League One.

Along with Swindon Town and Crewe Alexandra, Argyle Plymouth will automatically promoted to League One for the next season.

The League Two have formally been voted to end the 2019/20 season due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the vote’s results, Forest Green Rovers was the only team that wanted the league to continue.

Plymouth Argyle football team is returning to League One after an absence of only one season and promise to achieve good result in the 2019/20 season.


Many Plymouth Argyle fans would not ask for ticket refunds

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the League Two campaign of the Pilgrims was ended early. However, according to poll, there are very few Plymouth Argyle fans would ask the club for ticket refunds of the 2019/20 season.

According to a Plymouth Live poll, the majority of the fans agree to donate the money to Argyle. The team has been facing a problem with revenue after the league shut down due the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the outcome of the poll made by Chris Errington on Twitter, a football reporter.

The fans that have bought the season ticket voted to answer the question: What would you like to happen to your money for the games that did not take place?

There were totally 1,332 votes cast on the poll. According to its outcome, there was up to 74 percent voted for the answer ‘donate money to club’. There was only 5 percent voted for the answer ‘refund’. The other opted for the ‘money off next season’.

This result will be encouraging for Simon Hallett, the club owner, especially in this difficult situation.

Plymouth Argyle and other League One and League Two clubs have been trying to survive the financial problems. Due to the unpredictable spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is no football game being played.

However, Andrew Parkinson, the CEO of the club, understands not all fans will be ready to do that though.

The worst of the financial problem may happen

CEO Andrew Parkinson has admitted refund waivers on tickets would significantly help the club to get through this hard time. The Pilgrims, as with every other EFL club have been hard hit by football shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The club owner Simon Hallett is trying to protect Argyle from the worst of the financial problem.

Even so, the team faces many challenges to survive the crisis. The pandemic still significantly affect sports in Plymouth. That means the club has to manage the situation without any income from matches in the near future.


The most beautiful golf course in Plymouth and the UK (Part 2)

Miacomet, Nantucket

Nantucket has only one public, 18-hole golf course, and it’s Miacomet. A quick ride through will provide the perfect setting for a weekend getaway, complete with an 18 hole layout with challenges for every level.

Winchester Country Club, Winchester

Winchester Country Club is one of seven courses designed by father and son couple Robert Trent Jones Jr. and Sr. Golfweek has also named the 7,200-course championship golf course that is one of the Best Residential Golf Courses in America twice.

Link Granite, Quincy

Located just seven miles (11.3 km) out of Boston, this Granite Links course offers spectacular views everywhere, including the Boston skyline, Harbor Islands, and the beautiful Reservation Blue Hills forest.

The International (Oaks), Bolton

Pines courses at the International Golf & Resort Club are priced as difficult courses thrown in the US; However, the Oaks Course featured here offers a better route for a relaxing game.

Boston Golf Club, Hingham

The Boston Golf Club is a tune for an older, more traditional course. With a club similar to a log cabin in the woods and an incredible serenity because it’s so close to Boston, this course offers a unique playing experience.

Wachusett Country Club

Just minutes from Worcester, the Wachusett Country Club features Donald Ross with spectacular views of Mount Wachusett and Wachusett Reservoir.

Essex County Club

Founded in the late 19th century with holes, the Essex County Club became an 18-hole course in 1917. Today, it is a top 10 Massachusetts golf course.

Red tail, Devens

Red Tail Golf Course is one of the top three public golf courses in Massachusetts. The course, about 30-45 minutes outside Boston near Fort Devens, receives its name due to the red-tailed hawks you can see flying in the air regularly.