Bill Drew, a successful basketball coach in Plymouth, has retired

Bill Drew is one of the most well-known basketball coach in Plymouth. His career began in 1984, when the men’s basketball team of Plymouth was served by Paul Coffin. Coffin was his good friend and mentor then.

There have been many twists and turns as well as highs and lows throughout Drew’s career as a basketball coach. Especially, when Whitman-Hanson defeated Beverly in the Bang 2 semi-finals, Drew ’s long journey came End of TD Garden.

Drew trained the majestic boy team for more than 20 years in Plymouth North in the 1990s and 2000s, and then resigned in early 2012. He left the team a long time ago, when the head coach Whitman-Hanson boy Bob Rogers soon injured him and became his top assistant.

That was eight years ago, and since then, that’s all. Drew is an employee of the Black Panther show. He has won 5 Patriot League championships, played 3 times in TD Garden, and is now a state champion.

Drew thanked this year’s W-H team for the last season on the bench that brought him a life of excitement. Drew said that as players grow, coaches will grow with time. Over the years, Drew knew he had to adjust his coaching style.

Drew is Plymouth’s favorite basketball coach

In Plymouth, there are many mentors and friends that have influenced his life over the years. Drew is a very good basketball and baseball player for Plymouth-Carver, and he continued to engage in these two sports at Bridgewater State University for four years. He started learning mathematics, but eventually entered physical education.

In addition to basketball training in North Plymouth, Drew is a longtime baseball assistant for the Blue Eagles. He began working with John Seiver in 1987 and continues to this day, coaching under Dwayne Follette.

After nearly four decades on the sidelines, Drew has retired

He said his career as a basketball coach in Plymouth was a pleasant trip with no regrets.


The NBL match between Plymouth Raiders and Leicester Riders

Leicester Riders will have the opportunity to have more victory when they only have to march to the yard of a Plymouth Raiders is much underestimated.

With the form is extremely sublime and has a good position in the play off group so a victory will be set by the Leicester Rider team and it is very difficult for the Plymouth Raiders to be able to surprise and host. The home will have to continue facing the tough goals ahead to stay with this tournament.

Outlook Plymouth Raiders

Looking at the current rankings, Plymouth Raiders has played 10 games with a very bad record when only 2 wins and 8 losses. The opponents behind Plymouth Raiders are playing fewer matches so if taking more losses, it is entirely possible that Plymouth Raiders can fall deeply into the rankings.

After the first two series of victories it seemed that Plymouth Raiders would play better, but the closest match with very strong team Worcester Wolvers, Plymouth Raiders lost very badly with a score of 91: 116. The biggest problem for Plymouth Raiders right now is probably due to the unstable players’ performance when R.

Hassan who played great in the winning match before getting very high scores up to 26 points. The last defeat, R. Hassan almost did not play very well and M. Scott is the person who shines more than the defense index of 7 and 5 times to eat 3 points basketball so it has an advantage at home but if you keep playing Such a fight will be a huge challenge if Plymouth Raiders want to win.

Across the field, Leicester Riders have only played 7 matches, but the record is impressive when there are 5 victories and only two defeats. As the upper teams are playing more, the Leicester Riders are slowly advancing along with the performance if held, the opportunity to rise higher is entirely possible.

Leicester Riders have 4 consecutive victories and the previous match with direct competitor Newcastle Eagles, Leicester Riders has won with a huge difference with an extremely convincing ratio of 101: 63. N. Wright is the best player when the American player reaches 29 points with a remarkable score and defense. Therefore the next opponent is only Plymouth Raiders will not be too difficult if Leicester Riders play properly with their performance.


The basketball match between Plymouth Raiders and Glasgow Rocks

Plymouth Raiders is a name that is showing a decline in this season. After 12 matches, Plymouth Raiders won 3 and lost 9 games. At only 6 points, Plymouth Raiders is only ranked 10th in the rankings.

The rest of the season is still plenty and opportunities to compete for Playoffs with Plymouth Raiders are not over yet. In their last match, Plymouth Raiders only had to guest against weak rivals Manchester Giants and they won 96-90.

Glasgow Rocks is a name that created a surprise. After 13 matches, Glasgow Rocks won 10, and lost only 3 matches. Having won 20 points, Glasgow Rocks is leading in the rankings and with what has been shown, the Scottish team is completely based on the championship title this season. In the last match, Glasgow Rocks won 91-86 at home against Worcester Wolvers.

Plymouth Raiders vs Glasgow Rocks

Glasgow Rocks are playing very well to stay at the top of the table. This is likely to continue to be a game not too difficult for the visitors. Plymouth Raiders is showing a poor form and it is hard to make a surprise before the Glasgow Rocks at this time.

In the last 4 games, Plymouth Raiders lost to 3. The Plymouth Raiders bet is also a losing bet in all 4 matches. For Glasgow Rocks, their Worcester Wolves win last week was their fourth straight win. The recent victories of Glasgow Rocks also often have a big gap when their pitchers are effective. Doors on Glasgow Rocks will be a bad choice in this match.

Plymouth Raiders vs Glasgow Rocks odds

The scoring performance of both Plymouth Raiders and Glasgow Rocks is quite impressive. In the last 5 matches, Plymouth Raiders scored an average of 89.2 points / match while Glasgow Rocks averaged 86.8 points per match. With the open play of the two teams, talent will be a reasonable choice for this match.


Plymouth Raiders set up walking basketball sessions for older people

Plymouth Raiders are getting to keep older members of the community in shape and combat loneliness with a replacement initiative.

The British league club have cooperated with students of City College Plymouth to launch Active Aging – walking basketball sessions for older people.

The initiative which is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund allows older members of the community to play walking basketball.

The sport is becoming more fashionable people of all ages and in Plymouth it’ll be Raiders Coach Paul Nicholson leading the sessions.

They will happen at the College’s sports hall on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Phil Hughes, community foundation manager at Plymouth Raiders, said: “Walking basketball may be a good way for older members of the community to take care of their fitness.

“It is a low-impact cardio workout which will spend about 250 calories during a one-hour session, it can help improve your heart and lung function, as well as boost your morale and energy levels.

“In addition to the health benefits, we would like these sessions to be a chance for participants to satisfy new people, enjoy some lively conversation and potentially make new friends.

“It is the maximum amount about the fellowship because it is about the fitness.”

In addition to helping the players on the court, the scholars also will be on-hand for a few post-match fellowship. While the Raiders are holding walking basketball sessions for a couple of years, this is often the primary time students are invited to help with coaching.

The Tuesday sessions will last for about 45 minutes, from 9.45am-11.30am, after which participants will be invited to enjoy conversation over coffee and cake.

Thursday sessions run from 11am-12.15pm and can include a light-weight lunch. The post-game refreshments are going to be served within the College’s PL1 restaurant by hospitality and catering students.

Phil added that these sessions would be completely free, including the coffee and food, and participants would be welcome to return on their own or with their friends.