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Could Brickfields be the center of elite sport in Plymouth?

Obviously, it is vulgar when footballers receive excessive wages for kicking a windbag. No matter how talented, talented, or talented they are, their contribution to society cannot be compared to the value of a nurse, clinician or social worker.

The value systems where bankers, athletes, singer dancers and battalion battalions hope for Simon Cowell, The Voice and other talented programs are flawed.

Certainly, we live in difficult times and our priority must be the health, safety and well-being of everyone in our community. Patience, patience and respect for national guidelines are given reasonable priority.

Between the discussions of at least three Premier League football clubs that are fluctuating about the solvency, we are not very enthusiastic. Indeed, the problem of our difficult cash flow at Brickfields and other Plymouth sports clubs must be solved.

The knowledge that normalcy, entertainment and sports will return to our country and the Plymouth community strengthens our resolve and energizes us.

In many ways, we are facing a perfect storm in Plymouth Albion. As soon as we entered the extremely beneficial phase of the late-high-income games, our sources of income were cut and the club left a few holes in the budget.

Despite the government’s guarantee of help and support, Albion is clearly between one criterion and another, and the most solicited government support is not available to us, at least especially in the short term.

Plymouth Power and the benefits of a partnership of the city’s “big three”, as well as the wider participation of our core sports community, are welcomed.

Big League Sport

Money is still a problem in high performance sports business. This requires funding! As the commercial director of Plymouth Albion, I will soon reach our commercial and commercial community to get up and count towards the sharp end of “Big League Sport”.

The passion and excitement of seeing our sports team come to the playground to compete in the big arena with the best people from other communities is a basic element to play based sports.

The next few weeks and months are important. We can take the opportunity to build and turn our vision into reality, or we can sit back and accept the dizzying heights of mediocrity.