The most beautiful golf course in Plymouth and the UK (Part 1)

Golf has emerged and has become an important sport in every part of the world, with each course boasting its own unique style.

Plymouth has a number of courses to play, held by environmentalists, keeping them looking as good as they do. So whether it’s for the love of the game or to say “I do”, enjoy the vision with this list of courses that can even convince non-players to choose a club golf.

Here are the most beautiful golf courses in Plymouth as well as in the UK. Let’s check out!

Taconic, Williamstown

Located on the campus of Williams College, Taconic Golf Club is 109 acres of rolling terrain and is considered a classic Golden Age design – with the back tilted forward on most holes. It consistently ranks among the top university courses in the country and is a regular match on any of the top “Classic” rankings of 100.

Farm Neck, Oak Bluffs

Farm Neck is really a hidden gem. Located in the pristine corner of Martha’s Vineyard, the layout of this course offers the best coastal golf experience anywhere.

Farm, Southwick

With narrow roads, deep bends, frequent obstacles, and significant changes in altitude, this is a challenge even for the best golfers. Ranch courses have maintained good lush and green fairways quickly straight out of a postcard.

Old Sandwich GC, Plymouth

The old dappled style of the Coore-Crenshaw design at Old Sandwich Golf Club is what makes this course so special and captivating.

Old Sandwich Golf Club, 247 Old Sandwich Road, Plymouth, MA, USA, + ​​1 508 209 2200

Pinehills (Nicklaus), Plymouth

Pinehills Golf Club‘s Nicklaus design brings a different experience. With trees bordering the golf course and challenging green complexes, this is a course that will help you come back even more.

Pinehills Golf Club, 54 Clubhouse Dr, Plymouth, MA, USA, + ​​1 508 209 3000


Plymouth Argyle manager criticises Football League

The manager of Plymouth Argyle, Ryan Lowe, criticizes Football League since he is worried about the health and wellbeing of players due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Recently, Ryan Lowe, as Plymouth Argyle boss, has shown his disappointment since he and the team havenot heard anything from the English Football League about how to continue the football matches.

There have been many comments and predictions about the way the league should continue. However, for Argyle, the league should be postponed as long as the Covid-19 pandemic is still there. The manager thinks the remaining matches of the league should only resume when it is extremely safe.

So, what’s next for League Two?

Many people believe that it is impossible now for the League Two 2019/20 season to continue. Due to the heavy affects of Covid-19 pandemic, people in the country continue to die from this pandemic. That is why the league should be postponed or even canceled to protect everyone.

Therefore, many people want to end the league. In case of this, the league should base on an average points-per-game basis to decide on the final result. Accordingly, Argyle finish third, Swindon Town is runner-up an and Crewe Alexandra, and promoted to League One.

League Two season ended

The League Two season has to end early due to Covid-19 pandemic. For the final results, Plymouth Argyle and Exeter City await fate

There are discussions following this end between Plymouth Argyle and Exeter City clubs. The clubs are waiting for their fate. The final results will be based on points-per-game method. 

However, there are some other clubs that are in favour of three teams being promoted automatically. If this plan is carried out, the champions will be Crewe Alexandra and Swindon Town. Meanwhile, Exeter City, whichis currently at the fourth position, would drop to the fifth place.

Table tennis

The origin and development of table tennis

Like other sports, table tennis was a “living room entertainment” for the upper class. Table tennis was officially born in the 1880s when tennis players on the field wanted to adjust the rules of the sport to be able to compete indoors in the winter.

Table tennis quickly became popular and around early 1901, a table tennis tournament took place with more than 300 participants. Ping-Pong Association was established but was later renamed Table Tennis Association in 1922.

In 1902, a Japanese professor brought table tennis back to Japan and introduced it to university students. Shortly thereafter, Edward Shires, a British salesman, introduced the sport to people in Vienna and Budapest. Today, table tennis has become popular all over the world.

In England, table tennis began to become widely known and is no longer a sport of the middle class. Tournaments also began to take place in remote towns like Sunderland and Plymouth. In 1922, the All England Cup was established, the Daily Mirror organized and sponsored a national tournament with more than 40,000 players competing.

The British table tennis association

Table tennis has its own position and on April 24, 1927, the British Table Tennis Association was established under the direction of Ivor Montagu, the son of Senator Ewatthling. Ivor Montagu is the creator of contemporary table tennis. At the time, the British Table Tennis Association was a member of 19 tournaments.

The first world table tennis tournament took place in 1927 and the winner was Jacobi from Hungary. This was also the beginning of the Hungarian dominance in this sport throughout the 1930s. The Hungarian coach is the legendary Viktor Barna. His talent and inspiration contributed greatly to the improvement. The high position of table tennis in the sports world.

The 1950s saw the reversal of table tennis by the introduction of a new type of racket material. These new types of racquets, introduced by the Japanese, have the ability to hit the ball very magically. The World Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) quickly came up with regulations to control this development.

Water sports

The British Diving Championships have been postponed

The British Elite Junior Diving Championships have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This event is planned to take place in Plymouth on this May.

The diving championships were previously planned to take place at the Life centre in April. However, the British Swimming has decided to postpone the diving event on Tuesday. The cancellation of the British Olympic has been made. Besides, Paralympic swimming trials has been cancelled without being rescheduled like the diving event. This is the intention of the British Swimming.

Laura Stephens athlete of Plymouth Leander is one of many athletes hoping to have a place in the GB team to Tokyo on May. Meanwhile, British Swimming are taking selection policy into account for choosing a team for the sports event in Japan.

Other sports events

On the other hand, the British Para-Swimming International Meet has also been cancelled. Reece Dunn, Leander’s world para-swimming champion, should have been present to compete there. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this become one of many events that are cancelled.

Meanwhile, the popular Tavy 13, which should have been held on March 29, has been suspended. This was because England Athletics’ advice to suspend all events and training until the situation get better. The organizer of this event also hopes to reschedule it in the near future.

The Plymouth Half Marathon is planned to be held on May 17. However, due to the pandemic, the organizers say they may change the plan according to the situation.

They said: “We are closely monitoring the situation with regards to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes close attention to the latest guidance from the WHO (World Health Organisation), as well as from UK authorities, medical advisors and the local authority. Our top priorities are the welfare of our runners, volunteers, suppliers, staff and the general public.”

Many events such as Plymouth Argyle and Plymouth Albion, Plymouth Raiders’ BBL season have also been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Bill Drew, a successful basketball coach in Plymouth, has retired

Bill Drew is one of the most well-known basketball coach in Plymouth. His career began in 1984, when the men’s basketball team of Plymouth was served by Paul Coffin. Coffin was his good friend and mentor then.

There have been many twists and turns as well as highs and lows throughout Drew’s career as a basketball coach. Especially, when Whitman-Hanson defeated Beverly in the Bang 2 semi-finals, Drew ’s long journey came End of TD Garden.

Drew trained the majestic boy team for more than 20 years in Plymouth North in the 1990s and 2000s, and then resigned in early 2012. He left the team a long time ago, when the head coach Whitman-Hanson boy Bob Rogers soon injured him and became his top assistant.

That was eight years ago, and since then, that’s all. Drew is an employee of the Black Panther show. He has won 5 Patriot League championships, played 3 times in TD Garden, and is now a state champion.

Drew thanked this year’s W-H team for the last season on the bench that brought him a life of excitement. Drew said that as players grow, coaches will grow with time. Over the years, Drew knew he had to adjust his coaching style.

Drew is Plymouth’s favorite basketball coach

In Plymouth, there are many mentors and friends that have influenced his life over the years. Drew is a very good basketball and baseball player for Plymouth-Carver, and he continued to engage in these two sports at Bridgewater State University for four years. He started learning mathematics, but eventually entered physical education.

In addition to basketball training in North Plymouth, Drew is a longtime baseball assistant for the Blue Eagles. He began working with John Seiver in 1987 and continues to this day, coaching under Dwayne Follette.

After nearly four decades on the sidelines, Drew has retired

He said his career as a basketball coach in Plymouth was a pleasant trip with no regrets.


Could Brickfields be the center of elite sport in Plymouth?

Obviously, it is vulgar when footballers receive excessive wages for kicking a windbag. No matter how talented, talented, or talented they are, their contribution to society cannot be compared to the value of a nurse, clinician or social worker.

The value systems where bankers, athletes, singer dancers and battalion battalions hope for Simon Cowell, The Voice and other talented programs are flawed.

Certainly, we live in difficult times and our priority must be the health, safety and well-being of everyone in our community. Patience, patience and respect for national guidelines are given reasonable priority.

Between the discussions of at least three Premier League football clubs that are fluctuating about the solvency, we are not very enthusiastic. Indeed, the problem of our difficult cash flow at Brickfields and other Plymouth sports clubs must be solved.

The knowledge that normalcy, entertainment and sports will return to our country and the Plymouth community strengthens our resolve and energizes us.

In many ways, we are facing a perfect storm in Plymouth Albion. As soon as we entered the extremely beneficial phase of the late-high-income games, our sources of income were cut and the club left a few holes in the budget.

Despite the government’s guarantee of help and support, Albion is clearly between one criterion and another, and the most solicited government support is not available to us, at least especially in the short term.

Plymouth Power and the benefits of a partnership of the city’s “big three”, as well as the wider participation of our core sports community, are welcomed.

Big League Sport

Money is still a problem in high performance sports business. This requires funding! As the commercial director of Plymouth Albion, I will soon reach our commercial and commercial community to get up and count towards the sharp end of “Big League Sport”.

The passion and excitement of seeing our sports team come to the playground to compete in the big arena with the best people from other communities is a basic element to play based sports.

The next few weeks and months are important. We can take the opportunity to build and turn our vision into reality, or we can sit back and accept the dizzying heights of mediocrity.


The NBL match between Plymouth Raiders and Leicester Riders

Leicester Riders will have the opportunity to have more victory when they only have to march to the yard of a Plymouth Raiders is much underestimated.

With the form is extremely sublime and has a good position in the play off group so a victory will be set by the Leicester Rider team and it is very difficult for the Plymouth Raiders to be able to surprise and host. The home will have to continue facing the tough goals ahead to stay with this tournament.

Outlook Plymouth Raiders

Looking at the current rankings, Plymouth Raiders has played 10 games with a very bad record when only 2 wins and 8 losses. The opponents behind Plymouth Raiders are playing fewer matches so if taking more losses, it is entirely possible that Plymouth Raiders can fall deeply into the rankings.

After the first two series of victories it seemed that Plymouth Raiders would play better, but the closest match with very strong team Worcester Wolvers, Plymouth Raiders lost very badly with a score of 91: 116. The biggest problem for Plymouth Raiders right now is probably due to the unstable players’ performance when R.

Hassan who played great in the winning match before getting very high scores up to 26 points. The last defeat, R. Hassan almost did not play very well and M. Scott is the person who shines more than the defense index of 7 and 5 times to eat 3 points basketball so it has an advantage at home but if you keep playing Such a fight will be a huge challenge if Plymouth Raiders want to win.

Across the field, Leicester Riders have only played 7 matches, but the record is impressive when there are 5 victories and only two defeats. As the upper teams are playing more, the Leicester Riders are slowly advancing along with the performance if held, the opportunity to rise higher is entirely possible.

Leicester Riders have 4 consecutive victories and the previous match with direct competitor Newcastle Eagles, Leicester Riders has won with a huge difference with an extremely convincing ratio of 101: 63. N. Wright is the best player when the American player reaches 29 points with a remarkable score and defense. Therefore the next opponent is only Plymouth Raiders will not be too difficult if Leicester Riders play properly with their performance.


The basketball match between Plymouth Raiders and Glasgow Rocks

Plymouth Raiders is a name that is showing a decline in this season. After 12 matches, Plymouth Raiders won 3 and lost 9 games. At only 6 points, Plymouth Raiders is only ranked 10th in the rankings.

The rest of the season is still plenty and opportunities to compete for Playoffs with Plymouth Raiders are not over yet. In their last match, Plymouth Raiders only had to guest against weak rivals Manchester Giants and they won 96-90.

Glasgow Rocks is a name that created a surprise. After 13 matches, Glasgow Rocks won 10, and lost only 3 matches. Having won 20 points, Glasgow Rocks is leading in the rankings and with what has been shown, the Scottish team is completely based on the championship title this season. In the last match, Glasgow Rocks won 91-86 at home against Worcester Wolvers.

Plymouth Raiders vs Glasgow Rocks

Glasgow Rocks are playing very well to stay at the top of the table. This is likely to continue to be a game not too difficult for the visitors. Plymouth Raiders is showing a poor form and it is hard to make a surprise before the Glasgow Rocks at this time.

In the last 4 games, Plymouth Raiders lost to 3. The Plymouth Raiders bet is also a losing bet in all 4 matches. For Glasgow Rocks, their Worcester Wolves win last week was their fourth straight win. The recent victories of Glasgow Rocks also often have a big gap when their pitchers are effective. Doors on Glasgow Rocks will be a bad choice in this match.

Plymouth Raiders vs Glasgow Rocks odds

The scoring performance of both Plymouth Raiders and Glasgow Rocks is quite impressive. In the last 5 matches, Plymouth Raiders scored an average of 89.2 points / match while Glasgow Rocks averaged 86.8 points per match. With the open play of the two teams, talent will be a reasonable choice for this match.


Plymouth Argyle players given individual training plans due to the coronavirus

Plymouth Argyle’s players will not be training at Harper’s Park as usual next week after the EFL suspended the season due to the coronavirus.

There will be no games until Saturday, April 4 at the earliest, but no-one can be sure when action will resume.

In the meantime, Pilgrims’ boss Ryan Lowe has given his players individual training plans for them to follow while they are away from Harper’s Park next week.

The Argyle squad had left yesterday morning for their scheduled away game against Morecambe today.

They had travelled as far as Gloucester Services on the M5 when word came through of the football shutdown.

Argyle chief executive Andrew Parkinson told Plymouth Live: “Ryan is obviously focused on the team and they are off for a week.

“The players will be away for the week. They have got their own personal training plans.”

Some of the Argyle squad will be away from Plymouth, with their families in other parts of the country, while others will remain in the city.

The promotion-chasing Pilgrims are third in League Two with nine games remaining in their season.

Their next four matches have been postponed due to the football shutdown, starting with the planned visit to Morecambe today.

The others are the game away to Leyton Orient on Tuesday, the Devon Derby against Exeter City on March 23 and the fixture at Grimsby Town on March 28.

As it stands, the season could resume on April 4 when Argyle are scheduled to be at home to Forest Green Rovers.

But given the fast-paced developments over the spread of coronavirus in recent days, and the cancellation of sporting events around the world, it is impossible to predict what will happen.

Argyle’s owner and chairman Simon Hallett is based on the east coast of the United States.

All of America’s main sporting events have been called off, such as the NBA basketball season and The Masters golf tournament.

Hallett has been closely following events at Argyle over recent days despite being on the other side of the Atlantic.

Parkinson said: “I’m in constant dialogue with Simon. As you would expect, the statements that we have made are joined up.

“He’s working on a different time zone to us but that hasn’t stopped any dialogue that we have had at all.”

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Plymouth to host HSBC UK 2020 National Cross-country Championships

Plymouth has been chosen to host the 2020 National Cross-Country Championships.

British Cycling announced the HSBC UK championships would happen at Plympton’s Newnham Park, which is claimed to possess a “long history of hosting all-terrain bike racing” and even staged a World Cup round in 1984.

The championships will happen over the weekend of July 18 and July 19, combining with the Exposure Lights TwentyFour12 Festival – a four time off road cycling event – creating a week-long celebration of mountain biking.

Plymouth was said to possess been chosen as 2020 may be a “significant year for the city”, with the Mayflower 2020 celebrations.

Event organizer, Matt Williams, said: “We are hugely excited to bring the HSBC UK National Cross-country Championships back to Newnham Park in Plymouth, particularly as 2020 will already be a big year for the town because it commemorates 400 years since the sailing of the Mayflower.

Newnham Park has long been a classic all-terrain bike race venue, and for the last 15 years has hosted the Exposure Lights TwentyFour12 all-terrain bike endurance event.

This year, that event falls the weekend after the national championships, and with mountain biking continuing to grow in popularity within the south west, Plymouth is looking forward to hosting an incredible week of mountain biking and other activities for people to enjoy.

The HSBC UK National Cross-country Championships and therefore the Exposure Lights TwentyFour12 Festival will complement a summer of cultural and community Mayflower 400 events and exhibitions in Plymouth, which mark the 400th year of the sailing of the long-lasting ship from the town to its city in Massachusetts, USA.

The festival, championships, and events like the fresh Little Harbour Children’s Hospice South West Colour Craze 5k, which can happen on the ultimate day of the championships, will create a legacy for the community.

2020 HSBC UK | National Cross-country Championships:

Newnham Park: 18-19 July

2020 HSBC UK | National Cross-country Series:

Round 1: Hadleigh (Essex), 21-22 March

Round 2: Dalby (North Yorkshire), 18-19 April

Round 3: Glentress (Tweed Valley, Scottish Borders), 9-10 May

Round 4: Woody’s Bike Park (Fowey, Cornwall), 6-7 June

Round 5: Cannock (Staffordshire), 4-5 July