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Plymouth Argyle has a smooth start in League One this season

Plymouth Argyle started the 2020/21 season of League One with one wins and two draws after the match against Shrewsbury on September 26, 2020. After midfielder Conor Grant’s 29th-minute equalizer goal at Home Park, Plymouth Argyle earned a point.

Plymouth Argyle had a better chance in the second half of the match. Frank Nouble almost broke the deadlock twice. Meanwhile, defender Will Aimson was absent from the Argyle squad, his place in the starting lineup was taken on by Niall Canavan.

Earlier this week, Pligrims’s striker Aimson was affected with COVID-19 after being tested, which led to his absence in the recent match.

In the match against Shrewsbury, Hanavana also had his first game of the season. He was also appointed captain. Besides, there was Byron Moore on the right-back of Plymouth Argyle and striker Dom Telford. Also, Joe Edwards and Ryan Hardie were sent off from the bench.

Plymouth Argyle has a smooth start in League One this season

Pilgrims started the game slowly as Shrewsbury had a dominant performance at the start of the match. Brad Walker let the ball touch Vela’s hand in the Argyle penalty area and helped Shrewsbury take the lead at the 14th minute. Plymouth Argyle had to wait until the 29th minute to equalize the 29th minute when Grant scored with a left-footed shot in the far corner.

Before the game started again, Argyle made a substitution, midfielder Lewis Macleod made way for Panutche Camara, probably due to injury. The score remained 1-1 until the end of the first half but it was a much more even match than it happened in the first quarter-hour.

After 55 minutes of the game, Shrewsbury had to make a substitution because Sarkic injured his leg. To striker chosen to replace him was Harry Burgoyne. Mike Cooper of Plymouth Argyle played the final minutes of the game with a headband after he engaged in an aerial collision with teammates Kell Watts and Clarke.

Neither side can make a breakout later and the match ends up with a draw. After three first matches in League One this season, Plymouth Argyle is still unbeaten.