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Plymouth Diving club of Tom Daley is in the danger of closing down

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  • September 17, 2020September 17, 2020

Plymouth Diving faces a war for survival as it fights radioactive dust from the coronavirus lockout and the long closure of its training site, the Life Center due to emergency repairs.

Plymouth Diving has expressed concern that its existence is in jeopardy. This is because the city’s Life Center will be shut down until April, leaving their divers with nowhere to train. The club has an incredible success rate producing elite athletes who have achieved the sport’s highest streak. Some of them are Olympic athletes Tom Daley, Tonia Couch, and Sarah Barrow.

Matthew Dixon is another association with the club and has more promising Olympic athletes in various age groups. But with nowhere to train, it runs the risk of losing its elite stars, while aspiring divers with dreams of future success are missing out on crucial training, which might be. forcing the club to close.

It was announced at the end of July that the Life Center would be shut down until April. It was undergoing major overhaul work and that happened four months after closing down because of Covid-19.

The closest next campus is about 150 miles away in Southampton. The club is looking to move its Olympians to give them every chance of success next summer’s Olympic Games, in Tokyo.

Plymouth Diving is not only focused on elite stars

However, Plymouth Diving is not just a club focused on its elite stars. Having a real intimacy with all of its members and aspiring youngsters like Junior GB Team member Euan McCabe will need regular training if they want to fulfill their dreams as well.

Euan’s Mum, Anna, is a volunteer who is willing and able to help with everything possible. She wants to help the club raise funds to keep it running. She also helps parents cover the costs of training young sports stars of the city in places like Southampton, until the Center of Life reopens.

Former Plymouth diving team coach Andy Banks on the fight for the club’s survival

The closure of the city’s Life Center-left hundreds of kids without a training facility until it reopened in April. Banks says that while things are far from ideal, it’s morale Forming in the club will get through a tough time.

The club launched a fundraising campaign to help cover the costs of various things, such as equipment for a dry land area and travel costs for rising stars to train at swimming pools everywhere in the country.