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RFU announces the end of the 2019/20 rugby season for all clubs

Bill Sweeney, the chief executive officer of RFU, made the announcement recently.

To provide clarity and assistance with immediate and long-term planning, the Rugby League will announce the end of the 2019/20 rugby season for all leagues, cups, and football districts in town.

The only exception

The only exception to this is Gallagher Premiership, whom we are actively discussing to consider the best possible next steps.

As the current government’s advice on social segregation measures changes, we will naturally encourage football and friendly training again.

They are addressing the effects of the early season end. They have established a thorough process to ensure fair and balanced results for the game. While they want to provide all of the answers right now, they need some time to properly address it in the best interest of the game.

They ensure colleagues and the community are supported to follow government advice and make recommendations on how to stay fit and healthy with personalized training programs.

RFU is also talking to the government on how they can deploy and mobilize our own resources across the UK to support vulnerable people.

All alliances are different, with unique structures and challenges, and the RFU needs to manage its own specific complexes. Their business model is similar to most rugby clubs. We earn revenue from events on and off the pitch, and we reinvest in the game.

They benefit from high revenue from Twickenham Stadium. However, they also suffer if there is a major cancellation of games and events. In this unusual situation, they are investigating a series of potential financial scenarios that depend mainly on the length of the crisis.

This may be a lossy year within four years. This is due to the expense of the RWC 2019 campaign. There are only two of the Six Nations games at home. There may also be longer-term financial implications that they are assessing now.