Many Plymouth Argyle fans would not ask for ticket refunds

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the League Two campaign of the Pilgrims was ended early. However, according to poll, there are very few Plymouth Argyle fans would ask the club for ticket refunds of the 2019/20 season.

According to a Plymouth Live poll, the majority of the fans agree to donate the money to Argyle. The team has been facing a problem with revenue after the league shut down due the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the outcome of the poll made by Chris Errington on Twitter, a football reporter.

The fans that have bought the season ticket voted to answer the question: What would you like to happen to your money for the games that did not take place?

There were totally 1,332 votes cast on the poll. According to its outcome, there was up to 74 percent voted for the answer ‘donate money to club’. There was only 5 percent voted for the answer ‘refund’. The other opted for the ‘money off next season’.

This result will be encouraging for Simon Hallett, the club owner, especially in this difficult situation.

Plymouth Argyle and other League One and League Two clubs have been trying to survive the financial problems. Due to the unpredictable spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is no football game being played.

However, Andrew Parkinson, the CEO of the club, understands not all fans will be ready to do that though.

The worst of the financial problem may happen

CEO Andrew Parkinson has admitted refund waivers on tickets would significantly help the club to get through this hard time. The Pilgrims, as with every other EFL club have been hard hit by football shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The club owner Simon Hallett is trying to protect Argyle from the worst of the financial problem.

Even so, the team faces many challenges to survive the crisis. The pandemic still significantly affect sports in Plymouth. That means the club has to manage the situation without any income from matches in the near future.