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The basketball match between Plymouth Raiders and Glasgow Rocks

Plymouth Raiders is a name that is showing a decline in this season. After 12 matches, Plymouth Raiders won 3 and lost 9 games. At only 6 points, Plymouth Raiders is only ranked 10th in the rankings.

The rest of the season is still plenty and opportunities to compete for Playoffs with Plymouth Raiders are not over yet. In their last match, Plymouth Raiders only had to guest against weak rivals Manchester Giants and they won 96-90.

Glasgow Rocks is a name that created a surprise. After 13 matches, Glasgow Rocks won 10, and lost only 3 matches. Having won 20 points, Glasgow Rocks is leading in the rankings and with what has been shown, the Scottish team is completely based on the championship title this season. In the last match, Glasgow Rocks won 91-86 at home against Worcester Wolvers.

Plymouth Raiders vs Glasgow Rocks

Glasgow Rocks are playing very well to stay at the top of the table. This is likely to continue to be a game not too difficult for the visitors. Plymouth Raiders is showing a poor form and it is hard to make a surprise before the Glasgow Rocks at this time.

In the last 4 games, Plymouth Raiders lost to 3. The Plymouth Raiders bet is also a losing bet in all 4 matches. For Glasgow Rocks, their Worcester Wolves win last week was their fourth straight win. The recent victories of Glasgow Rocks also often have a big gap when their pitchers are effective. Doors on Glasgow Rocks will be a bad choice in this match.

Plymouth Raiders vs Glasgow Rocks odds

The scoring performance of both Plymouth Raiders and Glasgow Rocks is quite impressive. In the last 5 matches, Plymouth Raiders scored an average of 89.2 points / match while Glasgow Rocks averaged 86.8 points per match. With the open play of the two teams, talent will be a reasonable choice for this match.