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The British government encourages people to cycle and walk

The information comes in the context of Britain considering gradually easing the blockade measures but still maintaining social distance. Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, the British government encourage its people to use cycling as sport and means of transportation.

At a daily news conference about the COVID-19 pandemic, British Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced a £ 2 billion plan to encourage people to ” fog department “commuting by bicycle and walking.

The UK Transport Minister said that with a minimum social distance of 2 meters, the UK public transport system could only meet one tenth of the demand, even when fully operational.

A meaningful action amidst the pandemic

Mr Shapps called on British people in general and the civilians of Plymouth in particular to continue working from home if possible. They urged people to use bicycles or walk in cases where it was mandatory to work.

According to him, this action will help reduce the pressure on the public transport system. Meanwhile, it the use of private cars also helps reduce traffic congestion.

Also at the press conference, Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced a £ 2 billion plan. This was to encourage people to use bicycles and to walk, making it the center of the country’s transportation policy. The goal of the plan is to double the number of people using bicycles and pedestrians between now and 2025.

The first phase of the plan is a £ 250 million investment package to implement a series of emergency measures to ensure safer bicyclists and pedestrians. Measures that will soon be implemented include opening bike lanes, expanding sidewalks, and bus and bicycle lanes.

According to updated information of the British Government, the country currently records over a total of 260,000 cases of COVID-19. This includes over 30,000 deaths. The UK Government is expected to announce the next step to fight against the pandemic. There must be consideration to easing the blockade measures.